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Ligeti whelped four adorable puppies March 23, 2024.! Their sire is Rex.  I will be DNA testing all puppies at about 4 weeks, it takes about two weeks to get the results back.  At that time, I will make my selection(s) and know which puppies will be available to loving and caring "forever" homes.
Meet our newest babies~  D&B's Josephine Lang "Josie" 218g; D&B's A. Ledkovsky "Lady" 172 g; D&B's "Albert" Loschorn 224g;and D&B's Vincent Lubeck "Vinnie" 212 g,  A gram is approximately the weight of one raison, so you could smoosh together the right count of raisons to better visualize how much they each weighed at birth.  Ligeti's milk is plentiful and rich, all puppies began gaining weight right away!
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