When we say our puppies will look like their parents and grandparents, here is an example.  Our sire, Ranger is far left, and our dams Gabriella (center) and Glasha (far right) are with three of their offspring ages 8 - 14 months. The youngsters are Katerina, Milo, and Anastasia (see past litters page.)
D&B Ranchette is expecting a standard and a miniature litter the week of Thanksgiving!  These puppies will be ready for their new homes in February 2020.
Our puppies receive their 8 and 11 week vaccinations, examinations and health certificate from a USDA approved, reproduction specialist veterinarian.  We also microchip our puppies and provide a life long tracking membership to their new family.  They are given  worm prevention three times (to date none of our puppies have tested positive at any time for any kind of internal or external parasite.)  The fee for each puppy also includes the litter and individual AKC registration, either limited or full and Florida sales tax.  If more than sixty minutes from our home one way, transportation/delivery is additional, if requested.
Note:  limited AKC registration does not include breeding rights and requires an agreement by the new owner to have the dachshund fixed.


Our next litter is from two strong bloodlines that replicate.  The black and tans will look like their father and two grandmothers when they are grown.  The  reds will grow up to look like their mother and two grandfathers ,
Graceful Black Lady Dyka Primum Genus
Russian Grand Champion
owner: Elena Panchenko
(our Gabriella and Glahsa's mother)
Primum Genus Aurelius
Russian multi Champion
owner: Elena Panchenko
(our Gabriella and Glasha's father)
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