Puppies are HERE!

 Glasha and Ranger should have a litter before Christmas.  A waiting list has started, let me know if you, also, want to be on their waiting list.  All of Gabriella and Ranger's seven puppies born Aug 28 have their homes! For those waiting for American miniatures, I plan to breed Sky and Rex with puppies during the summer of 2021.

When we say our puppies will look like their parents and grandparents, here is an example.  Our sire, Ranger is far left, and our dams Gabriella (center) and Glasha (far right) are with three of their offspring ages 8 - 14 months. The youngsters are Katerina, Milo, and Anastasia (see past litters page.)
Gariella whelped SEVEN gorgeous puppies August 28, 2020.  They will be ready for their furever homes prior to Thanksgiving!  Two females, one is reserved. The one sable male is reserved.  Four shaded red males are available.  Two will be European miniatures and two Standards.  Both parents were imported from Russia and have pedigrees exclusively with multi and international champions.  Both parents did very well in the AKC show ring.  This is the third litter of Gabriella and Ranger.  Their puppies have been stunning.
Starting at the top (12:00) is the male Argento and going clockwise is the male Quin (purple neck band), male Howie (light orange neck band), male Lukas (red neck band), male Mac (reserved), female Concerto, and reserved female Lola.  
Gabriella and Ranger's litter is from two strong bloodlines that replicate  reliably and consistently.   Glasha is Gabriella's littermate sister.  
Graceful Black Lady Dyka Primum Genus
Russian Grand Champion
owner: Elena Panchenko
(our Gabriella and Glahsa's mother)
Primum Genus Aurelius
Russian multi Champion
owner: Elena Panchenko
(our Gabriella and Glasha's father)
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