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Puppy Contracts

We provide for your safety and clarification a contract of sale and stipulations.  As show dogs, our puppies  are usually sold with full breeding rights.    However, only the conformation ring requires intact competitors.  Unless you are planning to show in conformation, we encourage you to spay or neuter your dachshund.  Dachshunds are a long lived breed and research has shown dogs spayed or neutered are less likely to develop some health issues as they age.  There remain lots of ways to champion an altered dachshund in events such as Dachshunds Field Trials, Earthdog events, Obedience, Agility, Rally events,  or Water and Diving events. 

Also, it is most important to us that our puppies go to loving homes that will cherish them.  Our contract includes the stipulation that you will never neglect, abuse, abandon, or surrender the dog.  Furthermore, you must agree in advance that should you ever change your mind about wanting the dog or should your circumstances change where you become unable to care for the dog, you will return the animal to us at your expense.  Should you sell the dog, the stipulation for returning the dog to us must be included as part of your sales agreement.  We only want responsible individuals and families to consider adopting any of our puppies.

Bea 7w.jpg
blue ribbon dachshund


You will find consistency within our litters.   Our strong bloodlines breed true and have the desirable traits "locked down."  Rather than variety within a litter, there are no "flashes in the pan."  Our puppies grow up to represent and look like/carry the traits of their parents and grandparents and great grandparents!



breeding dachshund
Graceful Black Lady Dyka Primum Genus
Russian Grand Champion
owner: Elena Panchenko
(our Gabriella and Glahsa's mother)
AKC events
Primum Genus Aurelius
Russian multi Champion
owner: Elena Panchenko
(our Gabriella and Glasha's father)


The adoption fee depends on the litter and on your desire for full or limited AKC registration (do you plan to spay or neuter the puppy.)  Our adoption fees range between $2000 and $2500 with the average being $2200.  

Some of our clients pick up their puppy themselves.  There are puppy delivery drivers but not to all states from Florida at reasonable fees. 

We ship puppies at appropriate ages, usually by air.  Transportation fees are based on the cost of air cargo to your location and the required kennel. Some of our clients have flown into Orlando International or Tampa International airports using discounted tickets, where we meet them with their puppy and travel documents so they can quickly catch a return flight with the puppy in-cabin.  There is no fee from us for this last option.

Our fees include AKC registration and 30 days pet health insurance (we pay the AKC fee), an implanted microchip with life long tracking membership, a health certificate,  three preventative wormings, all current vaccinations (we use an USDA approved reproduction specialist vet, we do NOT vaccinate ourselves), a log of your puppy's development from birth, and a puppy blanket or afghan that will smell of "momma dog" to assist with their transition to your home.  Florida state sales tax has already been incorporated n the fee as well.



roman nose dachshund
show dog
Lekoll Bobbi Sharm Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
International Champion, retired
owner: Shel Diaz
(grandmother to our Glasha and Gabriella)
tongue out doxie
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